Luke & Leon Geiser, Riveredge Farms

Riveredge Farms, Luke & Leon Geiser

Luke & Leon Geiser

What was once an operating dairy farm is now home to 50 Simmental, Angus and Charolais crossbred cows known as Riveredge Farms, operated by brothers, Luke and Leon Geiser. In addition to the cattle, Riveredge Farms also consists of about 500 acres of row crop land, pasture, woodland and canary grass marsh.

After calving in late March, the calves graze with their mothers on pasture until the first of October when they are weaned and fed to market weight. Riveredge Farms is a unique operation as, depending on market prices, they choose Luke Geiserto grow their own steers instead of selling them at the time of weaning. The Geiser brothers appreciate the differences in how to feed animals throughout their entire lifetime as feeding a 1,000 pound steer is very different than feeding his 1,200 pound mother.

As 3rd generation farmers, Luke and Leon’s favorite aspect of producing beef is how close they have become with nature as they share pasture areas with an abundant amount of wildlife including deer, turkey, ducks, geese and even sandhill cranes.

Luke and Leon take pride in being the talk of the country mile when it is time to take the mother cows across the road to the far pasture. Neighbors watch attentively as the brothers move the cows across the road effortlessly, without fences. “If you have a white bucket of grain, they’ll follow you anywhere!” Luke says. Docile cattle are happy cattle and that is just what they are at Riveredge Farms.

As the 4th generation of Riveredge Farmers comes of age, Luke and Leon are very excited to see what progression the farm will make in the hands of their children. Luke’s son, Jared, is attending the University of Wisconsin-River Falls where he is majoring in Animal Science and Agricultural Business andLeon Geiser plans to come back to the farm. The family is excited to see the farm flourish and for Jared to bring new ideas to the operation.

The Geiser Family is also heavily involved in their community and enjoys spreading the beef story whenever possible. Riveredge Farms participates in a “Meet the Farmer” tour event where consumers can come to the farm, ask questions and see the cows first hand. Luke and Leon are extremely passionate about their industry and pride themselves on providing a healthy and nutritious product for you and your family.

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