Simple Changes that Make a Big Impact


Sustainability is an extremely prominent topic in today’s culture and the statistics might shock you! Did you know… 40% of the food brought home in America goes uneaten costing the average American family about $2,500 annually! What could you do with an extra $2,500 in your pocket? With all of the food wasted in the United States, we could fill the 90,000 seat Rose Bowl stadium every day. Even though beef is the least wasted food product at about 20% wasted, if this waste was cut in half and full supply chain would increase by 10%. Beef farmers in Wisconsin work tirelessly to bring food to our tables—why waste it?

The 30 Day Food Waste Challenge is the Wisconsin Beef Council and the Beef Checkoff’sFoodWaste-Infographic_8 10 2016 way of spreading awareness that the easiest and most efficient way to improve sustainability of ALL food, beef included, is to reduce food waste! By making small changes in your daily routine and sharing your experience with your network, you can raise awareness related to food waste and sustainability in your community.

So, here is how you do it. When you sign up online you will follow a weekly email in order to reduce food waste by following these 4 steps!

Before you start: Assess your current food waste habits. This will give you a starting point to reflect on at the end of the 30 Challenge.

Week One: Shop in your own kitchen! Take notes on what food you already have “in stock” in your cabinets, cupboards and freezer. Meal plan with those foods you already have at home. This not only saves you a trip to the sometimes “not so easy to navigate” grocery store, but also wastes less food.

Week Two: Get creative with your leftovers! This week you will be challenged to use leftovers from Monday night’s meal to make two entirely new meals throughout the week. Sound a little complicated? Don’t worry, Wisconsin Beef Council is here to help. Visit for inspiration by searching for recipes by meat cut, preparation style and meal type.

Week Three: Refrigerator dive! Inspect your expiration dates on the perishable items in your refrigerator. In your meal planning guide, incorporate those foods with the earlier expiration date to avoid spoiling and ultimately throwing that food away.

Week Four: Re-Think your freezer situation! This week you will be informed on how to properly store and freeze foods correctly.

Throughout the challenge, utilize your social media networks by using the hashtag #WasteLess to promote the challenge with you friends who might also be wanting to decrease their food waste and increase sustainability of the food industry. When you complete the 30 Day Food Waste Challenge, assess your new food waste footprint. Share these tips with your friends, family and social media network.




To sign up for the 30 Day Food Waste Challenge visit  If you have any questions about the challenge or would like to join Wisconsin Beef Council’s effort in reducing food waste in the state of Wisconsin, contact Jayde Farbo at



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