Jeff & Lori Wunrow, Wunrow Farms

Wunrow Family

Jeff and Lori Wunrow are 5th generation farmers who love spreading their passion for the beef industry across their community. Wunrow Farms was established in 1886 by Jeff’s great grandfather, Henrick Wunrow. Once home to 60 Holstein milking cows, the farm now houses 150 Holstein steers for meat production. The farm made the transition from a milking operation to a feeding operation in 2000, but the same quality breed of cattle stayed on the farm.

Wisconsin’s beef industry is very unique because the breeds raised for meat production is so diverse. Not only do Wisconsin Beef Farmers raise beef breeds of cattle such as Angus, Hereford and Simmental, Wisconsin also utilizes the dairy steers whom are not useful for milk production. Wunrow Farm’s is a prime example of the dairy industry’s dual production characteristics. In addition to raising quality beef, Jeff and his sons also plant 250 acres of corn, soybeans, wheat and alfalfa that is then, fed to their cows. The Wunrow Family works closely with a bovine nutritionist to feed their cattle an extremely balanced diet which varies depending on the rate of their muscle maturity.

Besides farming responsibilities, Jeff is also active in the Calumet County Fair and Equity Livestock Cooperative in Reedsville as he currently serves as President of both organizations. “It is important to stay involved with organizations like this,” Jeff says, “Agriculture needs a voice.” Jeff and Lori also stress the importance of youth education about the agriculture industry. Jeff says “Many children do not grow up on farms or are not able to raise livestock themselves, the fair and the programs we support at the fair give today’s youth the opportunity to experience something they have never heard of before.”

Jeff and Lori’s favorite part of raising beef is having the opportunity to share their passion of agriculture with their several grandchildren. Wunrow Farms is a family focused operation who dedicate themselves to feeding your family, just like theirs, a safe serving of beef.

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