Are you a Master of Beef Advocacy?

Ever been caught off guard in a conversation with a consumer that has gone south past point of repair? Where in the heck did that come from? Consumers speak a different language than you and I. It’s true! So, in order to combat misconceptions and myths about the beef industry, it is our duty to educate ourselves to be the best communicators possible. One way we can continue to be “Agvocates” for our industry is to complete the Masters of Beef Advocacy (MBA) program sponsored by National Cattlemen’s Beef Association and implemented by your state beef council. This program goes in-depth about current issues facing the beef industry and walks students through communication strategies to guide them through the conversation with consumers. Not only does this program address topics like animal welfare and animal handling, but it also covers tough and sometimes sensitive topics such as antibiotic usage, hormone usage, the beef industry’s environmental impact and beef sustainability. As if you need any more convincing as to why you need to join our army of well-versed graduates, here are my top three reasons:

  1. The entire program is online and can be taken at your own pace!

Hey, you’re busy… I get it. Only have 15 minutes for yourself today? Spend it improving your communication skills and build your professional profile by logging in to your MBA account and completing an information packed module. There are a total of 5 modules to complete accompanied by videos and extra materials so you can achieve communication excellence.

  1. What you learn in the MBA program can be applied to other agricultural industries!

You heard me right! Not only is the Masters of Beef Advocacy program great for sharpening your skills around cattle conversations, the tool belt you develop over the course is applicable to other agricultural industries as well. Do you want to know the secret? (Yes, the “B” in “MBA” stands for beef, I know. But this program teaches you more than the basics about beef.) Masters of Beef Advocacy does not only teach you WHAT to say but HOW to say it. The communication strategies learned through the MBA program can be applied to hot topics in any sector of agriculture!

  1. It is FREE

That is the F to the R to the double E… FREE. What other certification course supplies you with loads of useful information, a tool box filled to the brim with ideas and way to use it, additional certificates to add to your resume (agricultural employers LOVE this) and other professional development opportunities for ZERO dollars? Masters of Beef Advocacy, that’s what.


Advocating for our industry is so important in increasing beef demand and molding a sustainable industry for future generations. Supply yourself with the tools to be the best communicator you can be. Whether you are your FFA Chapter President, enrolled in a collegiate beef management course, or beef farmer in the industry, this program is for you. For more information about the Masters of Beef Advocacy program, contact Jayde Farbo at the Wisconsin Beef Council at 608-833-9944 or visit

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