Wedig Cattle Company

Meet the Wedig Family!

The Wedig family owns and operates a 250 head cow/calf beef farm in Southwest Wisconsin where the rolling hills are almost as pretty as the orange glowing sunsets. Justin, Mitchell and Levi Wedig are brothers on the 2nd generation family farm who each play a vital role in the farm’s success.

Wedig Cattle Company is the starting point for many calves as they make their way through the beef lifecycle. Like many operations in Wisconsin, beef calves are born on the farm and graze with their mothers until six to eight months of age. During these months, calves receive extremely nutritious diets including their mother’s milk and a high-protein calf starter feed to ensure a healthy beginning. At 8 months of age, calves are sold to stocker operations who will focus on the next chapter of their lifecycle. In addition to their superior diet regimen, calves are vaccinated for illnesses that are easily preventable within livestock and ensure a higher standard of living for every calf.

Wedig Feeding 3x4Amidst the calves growing big and strong, their mothers also receive special attention. Mother cows’ diets are reevaluated to meeting their new dietary needs after calving. These mothers receive a complete ration composed of carbohydrates, protein and many vitamins and minerals. Depending on the farmer’s practices, the herd will also be revaccinated against illnesses and diseases.

Like many family farms, the Wedig family’s passion for agriculture stemmed from generations of being on the farm and involved in the beef production industry. “Our favorite part of raising beef is watching the cattle grow,” Justin says. “Every (cow and calf) pair is so different from one another and really provides such individual growth towards the success of the beef industry.” The Wedig family uses cattle genetics to make breeding decisions that will benefit the farm and the beef industry as a whole. “We like to breed for moderate framed and efficient cattle to be incorporated in the beef industry.”

“Today’s youth is extremely important to us; they will be tomorrow’s fellow beef producers” says Levi. The Wedig family continues to be involved in their local, state and national livestock exhibitions in addition to their 4H and FFA Alumni affiliation. The Wedig brothers exhibited cattle for many years at Wisconsin State Fair in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and still make it a priority to attend each year, long after their show careers have ended.

Wisconsin’s beef producers have the opportunity to participate in a Beef Quality Assurance Certification Course which reinforces the skills required to manage beef cattle to the highest standard. The Wedig family proudly wears their Beef Quality Assurance Certification and pride themselves on providing a healthy and wholesome product for their family and yours.

Wedig Walking



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