Kieler Farms

Meet the Kieler Family!

Loving wife, caring mother, dedicated beef producer and successful Team Beef Runner; this is Renee Clark. She and 8 other family members own and operate Kieler Farms located just southwest of Platteville of which is composed of a 1,500 cow dairy, a 700 head feedyard and a 250 beef cow/calf operation. Each of the 9 family members have a specific job of which is vital to the farm’s success from managing feeding the cattle to on-site veterinary care to record keeping and more.

“Many people assume large farms are not family farms, but that is not the truth. We are all family here. I work alongside of my brother, sister-in-law, parents, cousin, aunt and uncle and husband who are here every single day making sure cattle are taken care of and the job gets done” Renee explains. As resources become fewer and production demands increase, many farms across the state of Wisconsin have increased in size to fulfill the needs of feeding a growing population. Kieler Farms supports 5 families who work extremely hard to provide the highest quality product as sustainably as possible.

By the year 2050, there is expected to be 9.5 billion people in the world. Farmers of all kinds know that being incredibly efficient with their resources is the only way feeding a population of that caliber is possible. Many farms like Kieler Farms calculate the exact amount of time, energy, water and feed necessary to fulfill the needs of the animals. Not only does this reduce resources, it also increases efficiency of the cattle.

“I am not a “farmer’s wife.” I am a wife and I am a farmer,” Renee says. “But, most importantly I am a mother. We are just like you and your family.” Renee’s roots run deep on the family farm as she is the 3rd generation to be integrated into the operation. She says, “As a little girl, I remember playing on this farm and my girls are now the ones learning life’s lessons through farm work.”

Not only does Renee raise beef, but she counts on beef’s ability to keep her going through her races. “Beef is packed with protein which gives me the energy I need to make it to the finish line” says Renee. “Not only that, but I trust beef to be the protein my family turns to in order to fulfill their needs as growing girls!”

DSC_0042Renee has completed 11 marathons across the country with the goal of finishing all 50 states, leaving Wisconsin for last. “I think there are a lot of similarities between beef farming and running marathons,” says Renee. “They are both hard work, that’s for sure. Running and farming both take time and dedication to be successful at it.”

Kieler Farms highlights their animal care guidelines through their certifications with the FARM (Farmers Assurance for Responsible Management) Program and Beef Quality Assurance. Renee and her family work hard every day to provide you and your family with healthy and wholesome beef and dairy products for your table.




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