Merry Polled Herefords

Meet the Merry Family!

The Merry Family owns and operates a 50 head Polled Hereford cow/calf herd in Hartford, Wisconsin. Steven and his wife, Jann, enjoy the laid back personalities of their stock and pride themselves on providing their friends and neighbors with healthy and wholesome beef.

The Merry family are 4th generation beef farmers and proud members of the Wisconsin Hereford Association. “Being innovative in our breed is important to us as well as the future of our industry. We like to breed for high producing, foundation females who will raise big, strong males who excel in carcass quality.” Steven said. Like many Wisconsin beef producers, the Merry family utilizes artificial insemination and embryo transfer technologies to improve their herd’s genetics at a faster rate than normal breeding methods. By doing so, the Merry family can continue to ensure their consumers are receiving the best product possible.

While the Merry Family is a part of an army of dedicated Wisconsin beef producers, Steven Merry is also an award winning Cardiologist in the Milwaukee area who appreciates the benefits of beef in a healthy diet. “Medicine, food, and people are not how they once were 40 years ago when I started as a doctor. Lean beef can absolutely be a part of a healthy lifestyle. It is a complete protein, full of vitamins and minerals.” explains Dr. Merry. Based on a recent study published in a reputable medical journal of which compiled 20 studies utilizing over 1.2 million individuals concluded there was absolutely no correlation between red meat consumption and Coronary Heart Disease and Diabetes. “Lean beef is a very important part of a heart healthy diet. The misconception that beef is not healthy is no longer valid in modern health care,” describes Dr. Merry.

“A 3 ounce serving of lean beef offers more than ten percent of your daily value of protein, vitamins and minerals while simultaneously costing less than ten percent of your daily caloric intake” says Dr. Merry. “That’s a lot of bang for your buck!” Luckily, the percentage of lean cuts within a beef carcass has increased 6 folds from 1989 to present. Today’s beef is healthier than ever thanks to superior cattle genetics, advanced cattle feeding practices as well as techniques used in processing facilities and your local super markets. “Lean” beef is considered to be 90% lean or greater and is packed full of Zinc, Iron, B Vitamins and 25 grams of protein of which is necessary to live a healthy lifestyle.

Heart health is extremely important to Wisconsin beef producers and medical professionals like Dr. Merry. The Merry family is proud to provide Wisconsin consumers with a delicious heart-healthy option for the center of their plate.


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