Next Generation Genetics

Meet the Brancel Family!

Tod and Sondra own and operate a 75 head purebred Angus and Hereford cow/calf beef farm in Endeavor, Wisconsin. Stemming from long lines of Wisconsin beef farmers, Tod and Sondra are the 5th generation on the farm with hopeful hearts that their children will be the 6th generation to take it over. In addition to being a hardworking beef producer, Tod is also a veterinarian for Trans Ova Genetics specializing in reproductive technologies to improve cattle herds across the country. The Brancel family not only play an intricate role in Wisconsin’s beef industry but make an impact on beef production across the nation.

Beef producers strive to produce the best product possible for their consumers. One way beef farmers ensure they are doing that is to use superior genetics and to select the most desirable traits for their herd’s offspring. Beef farmers utilize Tod and his specialized set of skills to use technologies such as artificial insemination, in-vitro fertilization and embryo transfer. Some of the most desirable traits include carcass quality, demeanor and both performance and profitability, all of which can be better selected for by using reproductive technologies.

By using reproductive technologies on the farm, beef farmers can improve the quality of their herd at a faster rate than what traditional breeding allows. In turn, this increases desired characteristics and provides exactly what the consumer is requesting to be at the center of their plate.

Brancel Blake and Brice OR.jpgIn addition to playing an important role in other beef farmers’ herds, Tod and Sondra are raising two children with the work ethic and determination to be the 6th generation to take over the farm. “They love the cattle and love to be around the farm. Both kids are involved in 4H and that shows in their school work and other extracurricular activities” says Tod. Sondra often volunteers in grade school classrooms to educate students about the beef industry. “Not only is it important to be involved in our communities, but we understand that many kids do not have the opportunity to grow up on a farm like our kids do.” Sondra explains, “I often go into our local school’s classrooms to teach the kids about agriculture including beef and how it can be a healthy addition to any diet.” Both Tod and Sondra are making an impact on today’s consumer through production or education.

Together, the Brancel family works hard to raise beef that they are proud to serve to both their family and yours.Brancel Cow in Pasture OR


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