Sleepy Hollow Ranch

Meet the Moll Family.

The Moll family owns and operates a 20 head cow/calf beef farm in Southwest Wisconsin where the colors of the sunset sky and the tall trees meet the skyline perfectly. Calvin, Sue, Nate, Austin & Whitney are the 2nd and 3rd generation of beef farmers on the farm who work diligently to build a sustainable beef demand for future generations.

A cow/calf farm is the starting point for every beef animal. This is where animals are born and raised alongside their mothers until the point of weaning. Through proper management and an excellent herd health program, mothers and calves maneuver through the transition with ease. “Building a relationship with our veterinarian is very important to us,” Nate says. “He is an expert in his field of animal health and is the most important resource we can use on the farm to keep animals thriving.”

The Moll Family uses modern breeding genetics to improve the potential of their herd. “By being very selective in our matings, we can increase efficiency on the farm.” Calvin said. “Our greatest challenge on the farm is input costs to keep the farm running. We breed for efficient females who will turn pasture in to a high quality protein with fewer resources.”

Taking care of the land and the wildlife that surrounds the farm is also important to the Moll Family. Recently, they have enrolled in a USDA pasture and forestry management program which not only improve the land in which the cattle graze but also the livelihood of the animals who inhabit the forested areas that surround the farm. “Leaving the land better than what we started with is important to our family and many other farmers.” Austin said. “My grandpa took care of the land, so the land provides for me. My family will take care of the land so my kids and grandkids can continue to farm.”

Each of the Moll kids have developed a passion for Wisconsin Youth Projects and continue to stay involved in local 4H projects. Calvin and Sue say the farm is the best place to raise their kids. As the Moll Family remained involved in 4H and FFA throughout their childhoods, each of the Moll kids dedicate time to give back to local Wisconsin youth and continue to stay involved in those influential organizations.

Wisconsin’s beef producers have the opportunity to participate in a Beef Quality Assurance Certification Course which reinforces the skills required to manage beef cattle to the highest standard. The Moll family proudly wears their Beef Quality Assurance Certification with pride as they are confident in their ability to raise a healthy and wholesome product for their family and yours.



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