Weidenbeck Farm

Meet the Weidenbeck Family!

Located in the casting hills of Grant County, Wisconsin, Tammy and her brother, Doug, are 7th generation beef farmers. While they both work off of the farm in addition to raising livestock, the Weidenbeck family emphasizes that correct cattle care and handling practices are the first step in a successful cattle farm. All 5 adult family members are Beef Quality Assurance Certified in order to help maintain excellent cattle care.

The Weidenbeck family knows it takes many hands to ensure day-to-day operations on the farm run smoothly. This multigenerational farm depends on each family member’s dedication and passion for the beef community to sustain from one year to the next. Ranging from 71 years old to 9 months old, the Weidenbeck family takes pride in producing safe and high quality beef.

The Weidenbeck Farm utilizes a tool called a Nutrient Management Plan to supervise their care for the land, the environment around them and the cattle on their farm. This plan sketches a path for farmers to follow when it comes to manure management, crop production and more. The Weidenbeck farm continues to be sustainable by using the manure produced by their cattle to enrich the land and soil where their crops are planted. In the fall, those crops are harvested and fed to the cattle. Wisconsin beef farmers utilize this cycle in order to be as efficient and resourceful as possible. “We know the land gives back when we take care of it,” said Doug. “The land will forever be our most valuable asset on the farm.”

Tammy and Doug say their passion for raising beef animals began as young children when their local FFA Alumni Organization aided them in purchasing their own heifers to show at the county fair. Today, Tammy and Doug relay the same passion they had growing up to Doug’s 5 children. “They are excited to learn and we are excited to teach them something that has been such an influential part of us” Tammy said.

Doug and his wife Stacy take every opportunity they can to teach their children about agriculture. As future farmers and future consumers of Wisconsin beef, the Weidenbeck family feels it is extremely important to tell their story and history of the farm. Tammy volunteers with her local Wisconsin Farm Bureau District and leads a committee of strong farm women to continue to advocate for beef farmers.

From raising cattle to kids, the Weidenbeck family is proud to feed families across Wisconsin wholesome and nutritious beef.



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