Evergreen Hill Farms

Meet the Wolff Family! Perry Wolff and his fiancé Cheri Conro own and operate a 70 head Purebred Simmental Seedstock farm called Evergreen Hill Farms in Edgar, Wisconsin. Evergreen Hill farms is a third generation family farm that has transitioned from Perry’s parent’s family dairy cattle farm into a modern beef farm. In addition to the cattle farm, Perry also works for a livestock marketing … Continue reading Evergreen Hill Farms

Johnson Family Cattle Company

  Meet the Johnson Family! The Johnson family owns and operates a 45 head cow/calf beef farm in Shawano, Wisconsin where the tall trees and stretching pastures make for the prettiest drive on a Sunday afternoon.  Brad, Lindsay, Isaac and Charlotte work hard on the farm to provide a nutritious beef product for their customers through a local restaurant and farmer’s market. Brad and Lindsay … Continue reading Johnson Family Cattle Company

Next Generation Genetics

Meet the Brancel Family! Tod and Sondra own and operate a 75 head purebred Angus and Hereford cow/calf beef farm in Endeavor, Wisconsin. Stemming from long lines of Wisconsin beef farmers, Tod and Sondra are the 5th generation on the farm with hopeful hearts that their children will be the 6th generation to take it over. In addition to being a hardworking beef producer, Tod … Continue reading Next Generation Genetics

Merry Polled Herefords

Meet the Merry Family! The Merry Family owns and operates a 50 head Polled Hereford cow/calf herd in Hartford, Wisconsin. Steven and his wife, Jann, enjoy the laid back personalities of their stock and pride themselves on providing their friends and neighbors with healthy and wholesome beef. The Merry family are 4th generation beef farmers and proud members of the Wisconsin Hereford Association. “Being innovative … Continue reading Merry Polled Herefords

Andersen Cattle

Meet the Andersens! Marty and Amy Andersen own and operate a 60 head purebred Angus and commercial cow/calf beef farm in New Glarus, Wisconsin. Not only are the Andersen’s dedicated beef farmers, Marty is also employed full-time through Zoetis as one of their cattle nutritionists. Marty plays a vital role in the beef industry as a nutritionist by helping producers formulate diets in a very … Continue reading Andersen Cattle

Wedig Cattle Company

Meet the Wedig Family! The Wedig family owns and operates a 250 head cow/calf beef farm in Southwest Wisconsin where the rolling hills are almost as pretty as the orange glowing sunsets. Justin, Mitchell and Levi Wedig are brothers on the 2nd generation family farm who each play a vital role in the farm’s success. Wedig Cattle Company is the starting point for many calves … Continue reading Wedig Cattle Company